When I first went vegan I spent LOTS of time online, researching vegan youtube channels and blogs for recipe ideas. Here are a few of my favourites (in no particular order):


Your mom’s favourite channel

Shout-out to local vegans! This is a new channel which I have recently discovered – I like their video style and funny ad-libs. I think they are based in Kimberley. So far I am desperate to try his version of vegan calamari.

Caitlin Shoemaker

Caitlin offers simple, healthy vegan recipes. Her videos always have really good production quality, with good audio (important when you are trying to listen and cook at the same time). She does offer plenty of gluten-free options for those who need them.

Possibly my favourite series of hers is her “5 under $25 series”, where she offers five recipes on a particular theme for under $25. Here is an example showing budget-friendly comfort foods.

Cheap Lazy Vegan

Doesn’t the name say it all really? Rose does a lot of Asian dishes, as she has a Korean heritage. She has a great video about cooking with tofu which I found useful.

Happy Pear

Dave and Steve are a set of Irish twins who cook together. I love their happy banter and Irish accents (yes please!), but their recipes are also great 🙂 My favourite is their “5-minute dinner” series, where they make a meal in f minutes (timed with a stopwatch) – here is an example of 5-minute chickpea curry.

Cooking with Plants

Anya offers lots of quick, easy (healthy) recipes. She cooks oil-free, which is something I am aiming toward (very long-term). I like that she is Australian, just because it breaks up the Northern hemisphere overwhelm. Here is an example of her tofu scramble.

High Carb Hannah

Hannah has this really inspiring weight-loss story. She follows a high-carb low-far (HCLF) approach, based on The Starch Solution. Here is a good example of her approach to calorie-density, where she talks about how you can eat a higher volume of food and still lose weight.

Hannah also hosts a podcast with her husband Derek called The Boondocks – which is about their experience living in a tiny house, sustainable living, projects they are working on and so on.

Sweet Potato Soul

Jenne does a lot of Southern “soul-food” style dishes. I love her enthusiasm and emphasis on whole foods. And as a fellow potato-lover I can really get behind using sweet potatoes in everything 🙂 Here is one of her recipes that I enjoy watching, for New Orleans-style red beans and rice.


This channel features Mauritian dishes (rice meals, curries, flatbreads). She also does some great things with soya chunks (TVP), and her video style is like watching food porn. I enjoyed this video about vegetable pulao and definitely loved her version of veggie “meatballs” using TVP chunks.

Krocks in the Kitchen

Brian and Jessica Krock were an overweight couple who went on a potato diet in 2018 – they lost about 300 pounds (140 kg) combined. Their videos are hilarious and I love their vibe. i don’t have a favourite recipe of theirs yet but will probably try some soon. They follow a nutritarian approach (no oil, salt or sugar, whole plant-based foods only). So they eat lots of salads, soups, chilli, etc.

Hot for Food

Lauren Toyota offers the opposite of every other vegan channel – she specialises in gooey, cheesy (often fried) comfort food that is beautiful to see. Her videos are high-quality productions and her jokes are hilari. This is definitely the channel to come to when you want a vegan version of something you grew up eating. She does a Recipe?? series which I love because she just pulls out whatever is in her fridge and invents something – I used this example to make oyster mushroom “fried chicken” and it was sensational.

Oyster mushroom “fried chicken” and potato wedges

Sweet simple vegan

Jasmin and Chris show lots of easy, accessible recipes, as well as “What I eat in a day” style videos. As a vegan couple, their eating styles are quite different and I like seeing different options. I have recently tried their breakfast bar recipe – and they turned out pretty good. I would make these again, though I would maybe tweak the number of dates they used as the bars were a bit sweet.

No-bake peanut butter oat breakfast bars

Blogs / websites

All the Youtubers I mentioned above have blogs listing their recipes as well, but the following are blogs only:

Loving it Vegan

Alison has a ton of recipes on her blog and issues a weekly newsletter you can sign up for. I can honestly say she has never steered me wrong, and her recipes are always my first choice. This apple muffin recipe is a total winner – I have tried it as is, and I also tried swapping the applesauce for mashed banana and I got rave reviews both times.

Apple muffins

One Bite Vegan

This blog offers a weekly newsletter which always includes a round-up of recipes on a theme, e.g. twenty lunch options or twenty Thanksgiving recipes. They also showcase other blogs, kitchen gadgets and events, so this is good value.

Cape Town Vegan

Shout-out to the OG of Capetonian vegans! This blog offers reviews of vegan restaurants and vegan options at traditional restaurants. Garth also offers a directory of eateries per suburb, which is super-useful when you are in an unfamiliar area – you can also follow him on Facebook.

Vegan SA directory

Another OG vegan website – super useful for finding vegan and accidentally-vegan brands for everyday essentials like chocolate, snacks, sweets, biscuits, etc – check out the Food Directory here –

Facebook Groups

Never forget that the collective noun for vegans is a “moan” of vegans. Don’t be put off by the usual haters and trolls on social media – these groups are very useful for South African recipes and for finding out about events in your local vegan community. I am just mentioning a few that I belong to based on where I live, but please do a search on Facebook for your own area, or start your own group if you can’t find one

Boere Vegans

The name really says it all 🙂 – search the group files for really good traditional SA recipes like pumpkin fritters, bobotie, scones, etc.

Vegans of Cape Town

South African Vegan Society


My own group! We arrange meetups once a month or so – join us at


No bullshit vegan

Karina Inkster is a Canadian online personal fitness trainer who hosts this podcast to dispell some of the myths that relate to vegan diet and strength training.

And that’s it! I’ll keep this post updated as I find new resources, but please feel free to comment or get in touch if you have any favourite resources you would like to share.

Yours in veggies