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Welcome to Frugal Vegan Life!

This blog is all about sharing tips and hacks I have used to live a thrifty yet enjoyable life, making conscious choices without compromising on quality or experience. You can read all about my approach here

If you have any suggestions for me to try, please get in touch or comment on one of my posts.

Yours in veggies


What’s in the kitchen

This blog shows a lot of my kitchen experiments, from total wins to massive flops. I usually experiment on Sundays, so you could see results here on Monday or Tuesday, depending on how it went 🙂

I also like collecting inspiration from other sites, so here are some links to my favourite sources.

If you are a new convert to plant-based eating, try reading this post first

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For those days when you dont feel like cooking, I manage a Facebook group called Dining out with Vegans. If you live in Cape Town, feel free to join – we meet for dinner about once a month to support local vegan restaurant options.

Otherwise, feel free to browse around, have fun and be inspired to live your own best life 🙂

Yours in veggies



Vegan sago pudding

Winter weather demands comfort food, and sago pudding ticks all the boxes… Warm, creamy, indulgent… what’s not to love? Make this vegan version next time you need a pudding win!